How did TRADECC develop over the years?

ECC NV was founded in 1969. Originally, ECC NV only produced and applied paints based on synthetic resins for applications in construction, shipbuilding, and the food-products industries.
Responding to market demand, those formulations were quickly modified and served as the basis for synthetic-resin floors and mortars for decorating and repairing concrete, masonry, and wood.
At a later stage, low-viscosity, shrink-proof epoxy injection systems were designed for the structural repair of constructions. With those repair procedures, some spectacular restorations were made by ECC: the restoration of the columns of the Antwerp cathedral, the vaults of St. Michiels Cathedral in Brussels, the restoration of St. George’s Hall in Windsor Castle (UK)….
When during the 1970s the major work on the underground in Antwerp and Brussels was being carried out, there was a clear need for techniques and products to make a silt wall water tight. At the request of the government, ECC NV developed acryl and PU injection products.

At the beginning of the 1980s, our governments and agencies were confronted with the problem of major leaks in the garbage tips. For that purpose, ECC set up its own solidification company. It later grew to become ETEC nv.
A completely new range of products and procedures based on liquid-tight membranes was soon introduced.
Additionally, products, techniques and calculation methodologies were used to reinforce embankments, drain garbage tips, etc….
All of the products and techniques used by ECC NV and ETEC NV were originally used solely and alone by those two sister companies. The synergy between the chemical team of ECC NV and the construction specialists of ETEC NV, they have always been at the head of the pack in improving and innovating products, applications and techniques.
In the 1990s, that evolution made it possible for us to set up a sales organisation that represents both ECC NV and ETEC NV around the world: TRADECC NV was born….

TRADECC distributes worldwide chemical building products produced by ECC and ETEC. All products are based on epoxy, PU, acryl and vinylester like repair mortars, industrial floorings, soil stabilisation, injection resins for waterproofing, carbon fibre laminates for the reinforcement of structures, geomembranes for secondairy containment, flexible bunds for leakages ...
Tradecc commits itself everyday to provide its distributors/applicators worldwide with top quality products and with the best possible service. For this, TRADECC NV can rely on the technical support of the engineering departments of ECC nv and ETEC . Both ECC and ETEC apply these products on their jobsites in Belgium and therefore TRADECC is able to supply well tested quality products and justified advice regarding the right use of these products.

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